The containers for glue, sealants and adhesive products

In order to sutisfy the multiple needs of the glue and cementitous sealants sector, ISI Plast places on the market the LGH Series. Strong and manageable the products of this line differ for dimensions and capacity (from 2,5lt to 6,6lt) and thanks to the peculiarities that characterise them, they represent the ideal solution for the containment of adhesive materials.
The LGH Series buckets, made of the highest quality plastic material (PP), are resistent to dynamic […]

The large container for natural bowels

MU32500 is the large container (flushed edge capacity 32,9lt) fully made of plastic material in compliance with the severe regulations of the food sector. The characteristics that distinguish it make it the optimal solutions for the preservation of natural bowels.
Natural bowels represent the shell of cured meats, through which it is possible to give them a shape. At the same […]

SC Series: cans for water-based varnish

ISI Plast offers on the market a complete line of cans created to answer to the multiple needs of paints and varnishes. With different dimentions and capacities (from 0,58 to 3,6lt) the SC Series are indicated for the packaging of warer-based varnish and similar products.
Main characteristic of SC Series is the cilindrical shape with wide opening which distinguishes each container, has been designed to facilitate the complete and rapid emptying […]

Squeeze bottle for colour pigments

A new packaging idea for colours and paints sector.
PET084 is the original and captivating solutions for the packaging of any kind of colour and decorative pigments.
Transparent as glass but resistent as plastic: here are the characteristics that make PET084 the ideal container for colour pigments (powder, liquid or gel).
Transparency and resistance are guaranteed by the material (PET) with which these […]

Containers for yogurt

ISI Food realised a line for containers for yogurt ideal to sutisfy the packaging needs of manufacturers, who are looking for a modern and functional packaging.
Therefore the value of yogurt can be enhanced through the use of ISI Food small containers (from 125g to 1kg of product).
Among the ideal solutions of this sector, ISI Food offers MU150 (for 125g of product), MU500 (for 500g of product) and MU1200 (for 1kg of product).
Many elements combine ISI […]