MU3300M4 for semi-finished products for ice creams

ISI Food attention and care in studying and producing the plastic buckets, made it possible to launch on the market MU3300M4, the ideal container for packaging, preserving and storing 3.5kg of semi-finished products for ice creams (bases for ice-creams, complete mixes, sorbets and cold creams).
MU3300M4 (with a flush edge capacity of 3,5 lt.) has been produced in fully accordance with food […]

MU5700M3: for fertilizers and manures

ISI Plast, leader in manufacturing of industrial plastic buckets is glad to introduce on the market MU5700M3: a strong and easy-to-handle packaging, suitable for containing and preserving fertilizers such as organic and mineral manures. Fertilizers provide to the plants through the soil, the nutrients, which they require for growing.
The fertilization season opens during the spring season and ends with the […]

The buckets for semi-finished ice cream products

Isi Food has always paid much attention to meeting all its customer’s requirements.
For this purpose, the company offers on the market a wide choice of buckets for semi-finished ice cream products, realized in the interest of optimizing the time concerning the heat-sealing process.
In fact, within the company portfolio it is possible to choose among different groups of articles, which are […]

MU5700M4/ONU for chlorine tablets

Isi Plast, leader Company in the production of plastic buckets for the industrial field, offers on the market the MU5700M4/ONU bucket, which has a flush edge capacity of 5.8 litres and is ideal for packing and storing chlorine tablets.
Chlorine is the main chemical product used for an adequate maintenance and disinfection of swimming pools (be they private or public). It […]

MU7100M3: the bucket for natural guts

Isi Food S.r.l. offers the MU7100M3 bucket on the market. This bucket, which has a flush edge capacity of 7 litres, is made of polypropylene suitable for contact with food and represents the best solution for optimally conserving natural guts.
Natural guts represent the envelope that allows the maturation of sausages and are meant to be used in the PDO (protected […]