Containers for yogurt

ISI Food realised a line for containers for yogurt ideal to sutisfy the packaging needs of manufacturers, who are looking for a modern and functional packaging.
Therefore the value of yogurt can be enhanced through the use of ISI Food small containers (from 125g to 1kg of product).
Among the ideal solutions of this sector, ISI Food offers MU150 (for 125g of product), MU500 (for 500g of product) and MU1200 (for 1kg of product).
Many elements combine ISI […]

The container for handwashing paste

MU4700M3 is the container that ISI Plast realized to satisfy the industrial sector needs. In particular, this container, thanks to its characteristics of strength and manageability, is the ideal solution for the packaging of 4kg of handwashing paste.
The handwashing paste is an abrasive paste detergent that erases from the hands dirt caused by oil, grease, ink and paint, other than bad smells. Given the importance that this product represents for […]

MU5700M3 for seafood salads

ISI Food proposes on the market the ad hoc studied packaging for the correct packing of different fishery products including the seafood salad.
MU5700M3 represents the ideal solution to contain up to 5 kg of mollusks (mussels, shortfin squids, squids, cuttlefishes etc.) and crustaceans. All excellents raw materials for the preparation of high-quality seafood salads and for the main courses dressing.
The […]

SO Series for pet food

ISI Plast addresses the world of pet food proposing a wide range of articles particularly suitable to contain feed and food supplement for small pets (birds, fishes and rodents).
The SO series containers are characterised by the peculiar cylindrical shape and they distinguish themselves regarding capacities and dimensions ( from 0,17 lt. to 1,3 lt. flush edge capacity ).
The structure of […]

ISI Plast at the Zoomark Exhibition 2017

ISI Plast cannot miss the event: the 17° edition Zoomark 2017 the International Exhibitions of Products and Accessories for Pets.
Zoomark 2017 is the main event related to this activity sector and it is an important chance to create new business opportunities, by promoting the new company products.
From May 11th till May 14th, Bologna Fairs Area will host Zoomark, the show of […]