ISI PLAST storia

ISI Plast has been using first choice materials over the years, and the company is constantly busy in developing and researching new items to ensure a perfect structure of the bucket form a technical point of view together with the most attractive design.
The advanced technological equipment are able to ensure the best possible quality products to be offered to the final customers.

ISI Plast and its staff work hard every day to satisfy at best the most different and special customers needs and requests.


Foundation Year

ISI Plast history goes back to 1958, when Mr. Riccardo Melli starts to produce plastic buckets: the first in Italy. His strong business intuition and the hard determination shown in several occasions, allowed the company to develop and become one of the most important industrial group.

Generational change

In the middle of the ’80, the son, Gianluca, vice-president of the company, together with the sisters, Antonia, responsible for the administration and financial dept and Beatrice, responsible for the sales dept. are successfully bringing forward the business started by their father. Later on, also the niece, Francesca, marketing manager, is entering the company.
The company structure has grown stronger and stronger in the hands of the family: a complete and total commitment. ISI Plast has considerably consolidated its leadership in the sector, over the years.

New offices

The company grows very fast and also the numbers of employees.

In the early ’90 there is a need to increase the spaces and in 1995 the new 2 floors building is ready to accommodate the new offices and the modern main entrance.

New logistic and production areas

The continuous and constant research for quality, the reliability of the service, skilled and very professional operators, working in this big industrial group, brought the company to its overwhelming success:
increasing of the production activities, 100.000.000 of plastic buckets sold every year, a turnover that exceed the 40.000.000 Euros, the expanding working area the reaches the 100.000sqm including the covered 26.000sqm.

New production site

In October 2010 the whole production area started to be restored. The purpose was to renew the area without stopping production. A complex and ambitious project has been studied for this purpose: the old plant has been “encapsulated” into the new modern one and only later on they proceeded step by step to pull apart the old structure. After meticulous and calculated operations, that prepared the old structure to accommodate the new one, in the summer of 2011 the new production facility was ready to be inaugurated together with new silos for storage of the raw material.

In April 2012 was also finished the new building with the new offices on the north side of the ISI Plast area.

ISI Plast today

ISI Plast presence on the national territory and market is capillary and with excellent results. It is now spreading more and more also abroad.

Over the years, Isi Plast expanded its range of products producing not only containers for industrial use, but for food and eco-sanitary purposes.

The product diversification requests have been increasing over the years. Now Isiplast includes 5 major divisions: ISI Plast, ISI Food, CON.E.S., ISI Packaging e ISI Trap.