Containers for dog and cat croquettes

May 23rd, 2019|

ISI Plast is paying more and more attention to the pet food market suggesting innovative solutions to satisfy the most different requests of this constantly growing sector. […]

Chlorine containers

April 18th, 2019|

In order to fully sutisfy the packaging and conservation needs of this specific sector, ISI Plast is able to offer a line of containers designed […]

Buckets for wall plugs, screws and nails

December 14th, 2018|

ISI Plast offers two interesting solutions for the hardware sector. MU1200 and MU8000M3 the ideal buckets to pack wall plugs, screws, nails and bolts. The technical and structural features of the buckets, make of […]

Water base varnish

October 25th, 2018|

SC Series containers, thanks to the multiple characteristics that have been studied to sutisfy the multiple needs of the colours and varnish sector, represent the ideal […]

MU15000: the container for decorative paints

August 1st, 2018|

Decorative paints may be used as unexpected solutions to customise in an original and interesting way any type of outdoor space. ISI Plast offers then MU15000 […]

MU32500: the container for paints and varnishes

July 23rd, 2018|

MU32500 represents the ideal packaging for big volumes of paints. The dimentions, indeed, allow it to contain up to 25 lt of paints. This container with harmonious lines […]

Rectangular bucket for ready-to-use paints

June 13th, 2018|

ISI Plast offers on the market RET03, the ideal container for the packing of 2,5lt of ready to use paint. Thanks to its particular tronco-pyramidal shape this bucket is particularly appreciated by […]

Containers for cosmetics

April 6th, 2018|

ISI Plast turns to the cosmetics world by proposing a line of jars particularly indicated to contain products for care and beauty of face, body and hair: from creams to muds, […]

The square bowls of ISI Plast

December 4th, 2017|

Quality, technological innovation and sustainable development have always been the fundamental principles on which is based the business act of ISI Plast S.p.A.. The dynamism […]

The containers for glue, sealants and adhesive products

October 19th, 2017|

In order to sutisfy the multiple needs of the glue and cementitous sealants sector, ISI Plast places on the market the LGH Series. Strong and manageable the products of this line differ […]