MU 32500 for “home made” beer production

As usual dynamic on the market, Isi Plast offers today MU32500 with its Aroma Safety lid (flush edge capacity lt. 32,9). This bucket is perfect for “home madebeer production.

In each and every “home made” kit for beer production the most important element is the fermenter, which should have some main features.

MU32500 with aroma safety lid is the best solution for the production of home made beer, a high quality fermenter.

The fermenter is made of polypropylene, which is suitable for contact with foods. MU32500 has a wide mouth on the upper part and it is perfect for a correct sanitization of the bucket.

The Aroma Safety lid on MU32500 fermenter, allows a perfect fermentation, avoiding the oxidation of the beer. This particular bucket is easy to handle: it is very easy to enter the bubbler on the lid and the tap on the bottom part. Resistant, useful and compact and the metal handle allows an easy handling.

The bucket offered by Isi Plast is the quality fermenter essential in every kit for the production of “home made” beer.