MU15000/ONU the perfect packaging for chlorine tablets

the perfect packaging for chlorine tablets

ISI Plast, leader in the production of plastic buckets for the industrial field, is launching on the market MU15000/ONU, the perfect bucket, conforming to the transport of dangerous solid goods, to pack and preserve chlorine tablets.

Chlorine is the most widespread method for the disinfection and purification of water in swimming pools. In particular the chlorine tablets are the best solution for the preserving, as well as the most functional way for the proper maintenance of pools.

It is therefore extremely important to grant the quality of the product, through the conservation of the tablets within the most suitable kind of packaging.

MU15000/ONU, with a flush edge capacity of 16,1 lt., is being produced with first choice plastic material (PP) and it is fully within the necessary standards to achieve the certification for the transport of solid dangerous goods.


MU15000/ONU features

The conic design of this bucket has been studied to allow the perfect stacking of the packaging, both filled, to get an efficient display on the shelf, or empty, to optimize the space in the warehouse.

A strong bucket (upper band), safe (seal of inviolability at the first opening), easy to handle and practical (swinging handle) and eco-friendly (fully recyclable).

The possibility to customize MU15000/ONU, with IML labelling (with high resolution images) together with the previous explained features, make of this bucket the perfect packaging to preserve at best the chlorine tablets.

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