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17 July 2015

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MU27000 the bucket for the food industry

17 July 2015

Secchi-in-plastica-per-alimenti_MU27000_ISIFOOD MU27000 is a thin and tall bucket with a sleek line, designed on purpose for the food industry: guts, cooking oil, vegetable fats, dairy products and jams. The bucket is featured by an elegant upper band, with a seal and a plastic handle.
The bucket, with a flush edge capacity equal to 27,5lt has the chance to be filled with 25kg of product.
MU27000 has been studied on purpose, to grant the maximum strength and safety for the final user. The bucket is produced with first choice raw materials and it is available both without any printing or customized according to the most different preferences, through the application of IML labels, which are able to reproduce high defined graphics, pictures or images .GAMMA SECCHI