ISI Plast at Sigep 2019

In the edition of the fortieth anniversary, Sigep confirms his leadership as a window on the world for the ice-cream shop’s sector and in general for the artisanal confectionary sector.
Sigep 2019 represents so a straordinary kermis dedicated to professionals which anticipates trends and innovations (raw materials, ingredients and equipments, furniture and services) of the 5 sectors (ice-cream, pastry, artisanal bakery, […]

The Private Label Business: MARCA 2019

Also this year ISI Plast will be present to Marca, The Private Label Business and Exibition, the only italian event entirely dedicated to the brands sector. MARCA 2019 represents then the excellent appointment for the DB sector (Distributor brand).
This remarkable window will give to the sector operators the opportunity to get in touch with the exhibitors and to establish new business opportunities.
MARCA 2019 is planned on Bologna from 16 to 17 […]

Buckets for wall plugs, screws and nails

ISI Plast offers two interesting solutions for the hardware sector. MU1200 and MU8000M3 the ideal buckets to pack wall plugs, screws, nails and bolts. The technical and structural features of the buckets, make of them the perfect packaging to be filled with the most different small metal parts.
Nylon expansion bolts, self-tapping steel screws, brass bolts and masonry nails, all kinds of mechanical fastening systems find their best solution in ISI Plast […]

Buckets for ice-cream mixtures

ISI Food has always particularly distinguished itself by taking care of planning innovative solutions to satisfy the most different requests of the customers. In particular, related to the ice-cream sector, ISI Food is launching on the market MU3300M4 and MU6400M2, the perfect buckets to pack ice-creams mixtures, variegated and cold creams.
MU3300M4 (for 3,5kg of ice-cream powders) and MU6400M2 (for 5kg of ice-cream powders) are made of first choice plastic raw material (PP). Both, are […]

ISI Food at MIG 2018

ISI Food will attend the 59th Edition of Longarone International Exhibition of Ice-cream.
MIG represents the most antique exhibition dedicated to Ice-cream and is proposed as international showcase for the best proposals concerning products, machines and equipment for the ice-cream sector.
The Artisan Ice-cream fair will take place from Sunday 2nd to Wednesday 5th of December 2018 at Longarone exhibition centre.
During MIG 2018 ISI Food will offer all the novelties for the ice-cream sector. Groundbreaking […]