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Auto Safety Set Packaging

Travel safe with Auto Safety Set, the right packaging that respects anti-Covid 19 regulations! The item MU 1500 is perfect to carry everything you need to travel in complete safety. Practical, lightweight, capacious and with reduced dimensions, it is the ideal packaging that you can keep in your car, to contain gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer [...]

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Bottles for orange juice

Healthy, rich with vitamins, fresh and now also do-it-yourself, the orange juice, that lately in Italy can be directly prepared by the customer in supermarkets, for a fast take-away, where everyone can pack their own fresh orange juice, thanks to the self-service machines destined to this use. It is one of the novelties, both at national and international [...]

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Containers for sliced pineapple

More and more present within the most furnished supermarkets are the “slice and clean” machines for self-service Pineapple, that allow, with easy and fast steps, to obtain in a fast and safe way Pineapple slices ready to eat within the suitable plastic jar, for a fresh and light snack or just to finish a meal. ISI Plast item [...]

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Pomegranate: Healthy Food

The request for pomegranate is constantly raising, the absolute healthier fruit, but its consume is still reduced in comparison to its potential, given the difficulties that one can encounter peeling it and eating it, mainly outside the house. To satisfy this need ISI Plast offers it line of plastic bottles that allow the right containment of the pomegranate juice, [...]

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Containers for Coronavirus swabs

ISI Plast italian and International leading company. In this arduos and difficult time, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, presents the range of products for Coronavirus swabs. ISI Plast underlines the importance of the item MU 1500, valued as most suitable to contain and transport the Coronavirus swabs that are collected to be analysed. We enclose pictures [...]

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