MU15000: the container for decorative paints

Decorative paints may be used as unexpected solutions to customise in an original and interesting way any type of outdoor space. ISI Plast offers then MU15000 as container for decorative paint, ideal to contain up to 12,5 lt of product.
Thanks to its technical characteristics it is able to guarantee a perfect seal of its content (pressure lid). Made in first choice and […]

MU5700M3: container for fruit salads

Fruit salads are a fresh and healthy food, ideal for any moment of the day, especially during the summer period. In order to taste it in its whole freshness it is necessary to conserve it within the right packaging.
For this purpose ISI Food offers MU5700M3 as container for fruit salads, for 5 kg of fresh fruit.
MU5700M3 is suitable for food contact since it […]

MU32500: the container for paints and varnishes

MU32500 represents the ideal packaging for big volumes of paints. The dimentions, indeed, allow it to contain up to 25 lt of paints. This container with harmonious lines is able to combine the characteristics of strength and practicality.
Made of highest quality plastic material (PP), MU32500 has a band, positioned on the upper part of the container, that gives to the packaging the right strength. On the band […]

The containers for the storage and packaging of honey

The awareness of the importance fulfilled by the correct storage of honey during the industrial process, before arriving to the packaging destined to the final user, has brought ISI Food to propose a wide range of containers (from 5 kg to 25 kg of honey), ideal for this sector.
To fulfill the conservation and storage needs of honey ISI Food offers the following sizes:
– MU3500 (for 5kg of product)
– MU8000M3 (for 10 kg of […]

Rectangular bucket for ready-to-use paints

ISI Plast offers on the market RET03, the ideal container for the packing of 2,5lt of ready to use paint. Thanks to its particular tronco-pyramidal shape this bucket is particularly appreciated by experts, being an efficient alternative to the most common conical containers.
The use of highest-choice plastic material (PP) is a quality and strength guarantee, that characterize this container. On the upper band of the container has been […]