LGH2500: container for Mozzarella cherry, -118.39079264221186 Thanks to its multiple characteristics, LGH2500 represents the ideal bucket for the preservation, the transport and the selling of mozzarella. With a flushed-hedge capacity of 2,52 lt. is the perfect solution to contain 1kg of mozzarella cherry.
This container for mozzarella, is made by first choice plastic material (PP) that guarantees its maximum quality, fully sutisfies all the strict laws of […]

Containers for cosmetics ISI Plast turns to the cosmetics world by proposing a line of jars particularly indicated to contain products for care and beauty of face, body and hair: from creams to muds, from scrubs to hair products.
The containers for cosmetics of the SO Series are combined by the peculiar cilindrical shape but differ for dimentions and capacity (from 0,17lt to 1,3lt flushed edge).
Realized in high-quality plastic material (polypropylene) these jars are particularly resistent to impacts thanks to […]

PG Series for ice-cream sector products

In order to fulfill the needs of the ice-cream sector, ISI Food offers the PG Series, a complete range of products (from 2,4lt to 5,7lt) especially designed to pack and maintain ice-cream sector products (semifinished products, bases for ice-cream, complete blends, pastes and variegated products, sorbets and cold cremes).
Even if they present different capacities and dimentions, the four containers for ice-cream sector products of the […]

ISI Plast always more green!

ISI Plast S.p.A. took hold as a leader company in Italy in the production and customization of plastic containers for the industrial, food and hospital and health field.
The process of continuous development followed by the company poses the respect for the environment as one of the key principles on which its own production philosophy is based.
That’s exactly in this view […]

The Private Label Business: Marca 2018

Also this year ISI Food will be present to Marca, The Private Label Business, the only italian event entirely dedicated to the brands sector. Marca 2018 represents then the excellent appointment for the DB sector (Distributor brand).
This remarkable window will give to the sector operators the opportunity to get in touch with the exhibitors and to establish new business opportunities.
Marca […]