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21 Mai 2018

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Novel food: insects as the food of the future

21 Mai 2018

ISI Plast at IPACK IMA between innovation, food and environmental sustainability

Novel Food_ISI Plast S.p.A.ISI Plast breaks the patterns!

The company presents itself at IPACK IMA with a communicative idea that refers to great impact subjects such as innovation, food and environmental sustainability, already under the spotlight during EXPO 2015 – Feeding the planet.

ISI Plast has always distinguished itself for being able to develop looking to the future, working in team and facing the changes accepting the challenges proposed by the global market

The investments in Research and Development and the constant attention to environmental sustainability, proven during the years, have led the company to consider Novel food a theme in which its productive filosophy can reflect itself and a modern topic to bring to the attention of its customers and to IPACK IMA public.

ISI Plast seize the opportunity to present the “Insect 2050” Series, a line of containers designed for the collection of living insects and ideal for their livestock. These special prototypes, realized in biodegradable material, are fully transparent (in order to always provide light), and have micro-holes on the lid that guarantee a correct ventilation and at the same time prevent the insects to flee. These devices make “Insect 2050” ideal places for insects proliferation.

In 2050 9 billions people will live on the Earth. Scientists all over the world claim that the global food production must grow of the 60% in order to feed the entire world population. This is then an historic challenge, both economically and environmentally. The planet’s resources are succumbing to the current forms of rearing and agriculture. And here is why insects represent more than an option in terms of sustainability: they are easy to breed and have a high nutritional conversion efficiency. Insect’s flesh, rich of macro nutrients (proteins) and of micro nutrients (copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc) equal red meat and poultry.

Already today, for over 2 billions people, grasshoppers, larvae, crickets and ants represent the basic food of the daily diet and a low-cost solution for the survival where there is a lack of animal proteins. In Africa, Asia and other Countries insects represent a true culinary delicacy. For Western Countries, and in particular our Country, it is a different story. The obstacle between “us” and entomophagy (dietary regime that sees insects as food) is strictly cultural. The repulsion towards insects developed hand in hand with the evolution of agriculture. Considered only as “parasites” for the harvest, insects were definetively cut out from our eating habits.

Perhaps many years more will be needed before this eating habit will be definitively part of everybody’s life. The challenge is to tear down the wall of ideological and cultural refusal towards Novel food and it will not be the only one that time will save.

Today as tomorrow ISI Plast will be ready to face with spirit of initiative, innovative and cutting-edge proposals what awaits us in the future!