Industrial Packaging: discover our solutions

ISI Plast deals with production and sale of products related to Industrial Packaging sector focusing on the quality.

ISI Plast Industrial Packaging is focused on a continuous research aimed at ensuring a proper structure of the bucket, on the use of technologically advanced equipment and plastic materials of first choice. The wide range includes buckets with many sizes, capacities and colors; they are designed and developed in order to guarantee a constant quality.

Products offered by ISI Plast related to Industrial Packaging are various and they differ according to the use. In our catalogue, there are plastic buckets, plastic bowls, plastic cans, PET bottles, UN approved plastic buckets and accessories for buckets.

ISI Plast plastic buckets are an Industrial Packaging suitable to pack many products according to functionality and safety standards. UN approved buckets for transport of dangerous goods are part of the wide range. The design of all industrial plastic buckets allows them to be handled in several automatic filling equipment.