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ISI Plast is involved in plastic moulding, production and customisation of plastic containers and buckets for industrial, food and hospital use.

The company consists of five production divisions according to the target product sector. Its success is the result of years of experience and a valuable wealth of expertise, consisting of around 400 people and state-of-the-art production processes that guarantee the highest quality standards with complete respect for the environment.

  • Over 64 years of Experience
  • 5 Production Divisions
  • 400 Operators involved
  • 100,000 square metres
  • + of 100 Operating Presses
  • + more than 100 million units per year

1st in Italy

in the production of Plastic Containers
in its sector, to obtain ISO9000 Certification
in its sector, to obtain ISO14000 Certification

1st in Italy

in the production of Plastic Containers
in its sector, to obtain ISO9000 Certification
in its sector, to obtain ISO14000 Certification

A story that began in 1958

ISI Plast has always considered it essential to use first-rate plastic materials and to constantly invest in the research and development of its products in order to guarantee a correct container structure combined with innovative design.
In its plastic moulding activities, ISI Plast uses technologically advanced equipment that has enabled the company to supply its customers with top quality products.
ISI Plast, with the support and contribution of all its people, strives daily to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

  • The Roots

    The history of ISI Plast has its roots back in 1958 when its founder, Riccardo Melli, was the first in Italy to start moulding plastic containers. The strong entrepreneurial intuition and determination shown on many occasions allowed the company to grow from a small business into an important industrial group.

  • New offices

    The company grew quickly and with it the number of people in it.
    In the early 1990s, the need for more space became apparent and in 1995 work was completed on the new two-storey office wing and the more modern main entrance.

  • New logistics/production areas

    The constant search for quality, the reliability of the service and the professionalism of all those who work in this large industrial group have made a major contribution to the company’s success.
    Tangible success in the increase in production activity, which to date exceeds 100,000,000 containers sold per year for a turnover exceeding 40,000,000 euros, and in the expansion of the work area, which has reached. Ad inizio 2007 è stata 100,000 square metres of which 26,000 square metres are covered. At the beginning of 2007 the latest covered area of 7,000 sqm was inaugurated.

  • New production hub

    In October 2010, work began on the renovation of the production hall. The company’s aim is not to stop productivity, so a complex and ambitious project is studied: encapsulating the existing warehouse in a new, more modern structure, only then proceeding to demolish the old structure. After meticulous and calculated interventions that prepared the old structure to accommodate the new one, the new production facility was inaugurated in the summer of 2011, to which new silos were added for the storage of raw materials.
    April 2012 saw the completion of the new building for the company’s entire production department, which now houses the new ISI-KitchenLab, the laboratory equipped with the most advanced instrumentation to support production processes. Like a real Kitchen, the aim is to prepare excellence to be offered to an increasingly wide range of customers.

  • New automated warehouse

    ISI Plast builds a new automated warehouse, an efficient, state-of-the-art solution that continues the company’s path of continuous improvement thanks to several major economic investments. ISI Plast‘s objective was to implement the number of pallet spaces and optimise storage and retrieval operations. The new automated warehouse of about 6,000 square metres designed to hold more than 15,000 pallet places is fully automated using fully automatic shuttles for storing and picking pallets, thanks to which the company has obtained numerous benefits greater efficiency, optimisation of internal logistics, and a considerable reduction in order processing times, all at the service of the customer.

  • ISI Plast today

    ISI Plast has a widespread presence throughout the country and, with excellent results, is increasingly expanding into foreign markets.
    Over the years ISI Plast has sought to expand its product range by producing not only containers for industrial use, but also containers for food and eco-sanitary use.
    Product diversification has increased as productivity has increased and, over time, has given rise to 5 main divisions: ISI Plast (industriale), ISI Food (food), CON.E.S. (hospital), ISI Trap (insect traps) and Smocchino.





The Mission of ISI Plast S.p.A aims to lead the company towards the continuous improvement of its performance and to define and communicate to all personnel the objectives to be pursued, tending towards an increasingly complete integration between the three systems: Quality, Safety and Environment.

The aim of this policy is to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers with the utmost professionalism, to be more competitive than the competition by guaranteeing a product and service that is qualitatively of a high level and constant over time, to have an economic return by optimising internal processes and the relative performances and considering the hygiene and cleanliness of the work departments and the care of the product, as requirements of quality and a guarantee of the greatest customer satisfaction; identifying, regulating, controlling and reducing the environmental impacts of its activities and products and protecting the health and safety at work of all the people working within the ISI Plast site.


  • Meeting customers’ expectations in a timely manner by providing them with an ever-improving product and service

  • Increasing its proposal capacity through an adequate increase in catalogue items, the result of the use of new technologies, plants and machinery of the latest generation with a very low environmental impact

  • Raising the skill level of internal employees and people working on behalf of ISI Plast

  • Compliance with legislative requirements and technical standards

  • Complete focus on reducing environmental impact and efficient use of resources

  • Assessing activity-related risks by implementing programmes and actions to minimise their impact on health

  • Developing and maintaining its own occupational health and safety management system that complies with the requirements of Article 30 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and is consistent with the Organisation, Management and Control Model implemented pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

To this end, the Company undertakes to make the Policy operative, translated into objectives and disseminated to all personnel, to display it inside the company and in the visitor reception areas to give it wide dissemination; to transmit it to all suppliers and make it available on the company website.

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