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Eco-sustainability at the heart of our actions

“Respect for the environment has always been one of the key principles on which we base our production philosophy.”

3,200,000 kg of CO₂ not immitted into the environment since 2018, equivalent to the CO₂ absorbed by approx. 11,000 trees. Dal 2022 la CO₂ non immessa nell’ambiente è salita di 349.800 kg, grazie all’ampliamento del sistema fotovoltaico tramite i pannelli solari installati su tutta la superficie dei tetti degli edifici aziendali.

Green Packaging. Our deep conviction in pursuing a path of innovation and eco-sustainability has led us to set up an environmental management system that has enabled us to be the first company in our sector to obtain ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.

To date, this certification has always been confirmed, testifying to a deep and lasting commitment to the concept of sustainable development.

From small gestures…

We believe that the involvement of our staff is an important lever for achieving environmental protection goals. We therefore call for personal commitment starting with small daily gestures: from separate waste collection to responsible electricity consumption.

…to community involvement

We make a considerable effort to involve the local community in environmental protection and sustainability issues. This translates into the organisation of in-company training days for local schools of all levels and to school-to-work projects and/or internships that also focus on environmental issues.


“Our strategic choices and investments are aimed at achieving environmentally sustainable productivity that safeguards the environment and optimises production with a view to saving energy.”

The environmental management system adopted starts with an assessment of the environmental impacts of the direct and indirect activities of our company with the aim of reducing the consumption of resources (water, electricity, methane gas, raw materials, process fluids, packaging materials, hazardous substances, etc.) and its emissions into the environment (waste, water discharges, atmospheric emissions, electromagnetic emissions, noise, soil and subsoil contamination, etc.).

GREEN PACKAGING: here’s why we can call it that

Design of new items

“Right from the design of new items, the need to limit the environmental impact of our process and product is very clear.”

New items are designed in accordance with EN 13427 (prevention by source reduction) to:
  • Ensure only the minimum appropriate amount of material in the packaging system (EN 13428), both in terms of the amount of raw material needed to make the product and in terms of minimising the packaging used to ensure product protection.
  • Ensure lower levels than the maximum allowed for heavy metals (EN 13428). ISI Plast was the first company in the industry to equip itself with lead-free dyes.
  • Ensure recovery in the form of energy at end-of-life (EN 13431).
  • Ensure reusability according to all terms of the functional packaging unit standard (EN13429).
  • Ensure recovery by material recycling (EN13430) through the use of 100% recyclable materials and technologies that allow for mono-material containers that can give access to recycling without the need to separate container components.
The design effort is also aimed at reducing the intermediate processing steps, thus minimising transport and the use of packaging between processing stages, thanks to the one-step manufacture using IML technology and assembly of the handle directly during the production of the container.

Environmentally friendly innovation

“Over the years, we have decided to make significant investments to embark on a path of innovation and eco-sustainability.”

The process of continuous evolution traced by our company places respect for the environment as one of the cardinal principles on which our production philosophy is based. This is why we have decided, over the years, to make strategic choices and important investments that would lead us towards full respect for eco-sustainable productivity that safeguards the environment and optimises production with a view to saving energy.

  • We have completed the modernisation of our machine park with the replacement of hydraulic presses with state-of-the-art hybrid or electric presses. The result is a reduction in the use and disposal of lubricants and a consequent reduction in energy consumption.

  • New ecological roofing. During 2017, the removal of asbestos-cement roofing was completed, leading to the elimination of the ‘asbestos risk’ and the possibility of particle pollution

  • We have installed a 248KWp photovoltaic system on the roof of our buildings. With an area of approx. 3,000 m², the system will enable us to move towards a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions.

  • A new LED lighting system was deliberately extended to all company departments

  • We have replaced the heat shrinking plant with a new burner-free system. This improvement will lead to a decrease in emissions and the use of gas

  • The commitment to reducing environmental impact also goes through the choice of introducing alternative, innovative and recycled materials during mass manufacturing

Packaging Green ISI Plast

“The commitment to reducing environmental impact also goes through the choice and development of innovative and sustainable solutions in mass manufacturing”

We are aware that in order to revive economic development, companies must resort to business models that look not only at increasing productivity but also at technology and reducing resource consumption.

And it is precisely as a sign of our deep interest in sustainable development that we have always made significant investments in R&D to embark on a path of innovation and eco-sustainability.

Circular Economy

Specifically, the involvement of universities, research institutes and leading companies in the sector has enabled us to develop important synergies aimed at the search for innovative and sustainable solutions (raw materials) capable of maintaining the physical/mechanical characteristics that are indispensable for high-quality packaging.

We are thus able to offer sustainable and high-quality packaging solutions through the use of the following alternative materials:


Innovative formulations developed by our suppliers to achieve a reduction of transformation energy in the process. These state-of-the-art raw materials enable us to produce quality packaging that is 100% recyclable.


All waste products in our processes are reused, after grinding and regranulation, to obtain recycled material from which new recycled plastic containers with characteristics in line with our standards can be made. In this sense, ISI Plast can be defined as a ‘zero waste’ company.


This is recycled post-consumer plastic material through which it is possible to make products that respect nature!

Containers produced through ‘second life’ recycled material are suitable for industrial uses, especially for ‘green’ lines, and for waste disposal.

The ‘Colour Changers’

A testament to our commitment to the environment is our company’s handling of so-called ‘colour change’ containers (packaging that is technically identical to the first-rate containers but differs from them only in that the colour is not clearly defined and homogenous).

These containers are not discarded generating waste but are offered to customers who need packaging for their internal use.

ISI Plast è un’azienda a scarto 0, perché i nostri scarti vengono tenuti divisi per colori omogenei, macinati ed in seguito stampati realizzando nuovi contenitori.