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2 août 2019

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Containers for sea salad

2 août 2019

ISI Food solutions for fish products

During the summer period the sea salad prepares itself to become the “queen” of the tables. Cuttlefishes, octopus, mussels and flying squids need the right packaging for a right preservation and for the following commercialization. ISI Food is able to offer on the market two interesting solutions for the packaging of shellfish (from 2,5 kg to 5 kg of product).

Rich and creative, the sea salad is a highly versatile dish, which can be used as tasty starter or to enrich pasta, rise, spelt and barley dishes.

The containers for sea salad MU3000 (ideal for 2,5 kg of shellfish) and MU5700M3 (ideal for 5 kg of shellfish) are made with plastic material (PP) in compliance with food contact which guarantees the highest quality standards.

The lids, with which these containers are equipped, are available in a double version: classic with pressure closure and for thermo-sealing.

ISI Food containers for sea salad are characterised by the unique upper band (guarantee of strenght) and for the tamper evident seal (guarantee of safety). Not only robust and safe, but also maneuverable: the moving handle with which they are equipped makes them easily movable.

Perfectly stackable both empty and full (thanks to the peculiar conical shape) the containers for sea salad MU3000 and MU5700M3 may also be customized through IML technology or through the application of adhesive labels.

Find out the sea salad containers

MU3000 | 3,3 LT.MU57M3 | 5,8 LT.