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Cod. A21

Captures odors

The ISI Trap odour cap eliminates unpleasant odours in a natural and 100% environmentally friendly way.

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    • Description

      The odour trap from ISI Trap is an effective solution for eliminating unpleasant odours without hiding them.
      With this simple remedy, you will no longer need to use room fragrances that can be unpleasant, annoying and irritating.
      This product acts as an ‘odour eater‘ and is the environmentally friendly and odourless solution for permanently eliminating the smells of fried food, smoke, mould, rubbish, sweat etc.

    • Recommendations for use

      • Place the open can in the room where the air stagnates.
      • Its action covers about 20 square metres.
      • For larger surfaces, its action will be slower, so the use of several packs of odour traps is recommended.
      • The residue, once its action is over, can be used as a neutral soap and the jar, suitably washed, can become a convenient airtight container.

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