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Cod. A19

Solution for Moles

ISI Mole Trap is the ecological solutionto mole problems.
These mole traps naturally keep these animals away from every garden.

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    • Description

      ISI Trap for moles is a fumigant cartridgefor environmentally friendly and effective treatment of mole tunnels in gardens, ornamental lawns and turf.
      ISI Trap mole traps contain natural castor oil which, through propagating smoke, diffuses into the tunnels, settling on the walls and thus creating a physical barrierbetween the moles and their food source.
      In this way, moles are forced to search for food in other places.

    • Recommendations for use

      • Locate the hole caused by the moles, making sure to close all other holes (this will allow less smoke to escape, thus enabling the mole trap to be more effective).
      • Remove the cover from the cartridge and light the wick in it.
      • Insert the cartridge into the previously identified hole. The cartridge must be positioned horizontally and pushed as far into the hole as possible.
      • Close the hole tightly (by stepping on the mound of earth), making sure that no smoke escapes.
      • The following day, remove the spent vessel and monitor the activity.
    • Correct positioning

      Effectiveness: use 1 cartridge for every 3 mounds of soil raised by moles in the garden.

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