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Cod. A11

Wasp Trap

ISI Trap wasp trapis an ecological and natural remedyagainst wasps and hornets. With this practical solution wasps and hornets will be eliminated in a targeted manner.

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    • Description

      ISI Trap wasp trap consists of a plastic container to which special one-way cones are attached. These cones ensure that wasps and hornets, attracted by the smell released by the bait, enter the trap, preventing them from escaping.

      The graphic customisationof the container serves as an additional attraction for these insects.
      The plastic handle allows easy handling of the trap.

    • Recommendations for use

      • Pour 250 mlof attractant (equal to 1/2 bottle) into the wasp trap.
      • Add 500 ml of water.
      • Mix the contents and close the trap with the transparent lid (which allows you to monitor the situation inside).
      • Wait 2 days for the solution to become active.
      • Hang the trap in the shade at a height of about1.5 m (preferably out of the wind). For mass trapping place the traps at a distance of 5/10 m from each other.
      • Repeat the process once the trap is full, or after three to four weeks of exposure.

      To improve the capture of wasps and hornets, do not hesitate to change the position of the trap.

      At high temperatures (above 30 degrees), add water, depending on the amount of liquid evaporated.

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