ISI PLAST ambiente

ISI Plast has always been focused on the care of nature and environmental safeguard.
For example, the company started many years ago to use lead-free molds and to introduce the Phentermine Pills Buy IML labels system that combine the possibility to reproduce top quality images and to reuse the bucket.
ISI Plast achieved the http://akromion.com.hr/fizikalna-terapija-i-rehabilitacija/upute-pacijentima-prije-pocetka-rehabilitacije/233 Environmental Certification ISO14001before any other competitor in its field:

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Environmental Quality Certification
Environmental Quality Certification IQNET


1999 – ISI Plast management evaluated the possibility to comply with regulations of environmental certifications.
2000 – http://qualityseafood.net/wp-content/themes/feast/maptype2.php/?latlong=33.840786730510345, -118.39079264221186 ISO 14001regulations comply started .
 – ISI Plast achieved the  http://qualityseafood.net/wp-content/themes/feast/maptype2.php/?latlong=33.840786730510345, -118.39079264221186 ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION ISO 14001, 1 st COMPANY IN ITS FIELD.
 – ISI Plast achieved with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and updated its environmental policy.
– To date the environmental certification has always been confirmed.