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4 June 2018

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MU3000 for flavourings for barbecue

4 June 2018

MU3000: the bucket for flavouring for roasted and grilled meat

MU3000 per insaporitori per grigliateWhether on the balcony, in the garden or in any other open-place, barbecue is always one of the best ways to enjoy good weather with friends. Flavourings and spices cannot miss for the perfect barbecue. Therefore ISI Food offers MU3000 as the ideal container for packing flavourings for barbecues.

MU3000 is completely made of highest quality plastic material (polypropylene), which guarantees the barbecue flavourings high quality standards. The compliance to the contact with food products is given by the full respect, during its production, of the severe regulations that control the food sector.

MU3000 is characterized by the presence of the upper band, of the tamper proof seal and of the practical handle. The conical shape gives to the bucket a harmonious and linear design, facilitating its stacking both empty and full. The barbecue flavourings container completes itself through the presence of the pressure lid (available also in the thermosealing version).

robustsafe and manageable container that propose itself, thanks also to the printing possibility through IML labels, to be the right solution for the packaging of a mix of spices and herbs.

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