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28 April 2017

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MU3500 for fruit salad

28 April 2017

ISI FMU3500 for fruit saladood is the Italian leader in the packaging production for food sector and it has studied and realized MU3500, the perfect packaging to contain 2,5Kg of fresh fruit slices.

The characteristics of this functional container consent the correct conservation of cut seasonal fruit for the realization of different types of fruit salad.

Its first quality plastic material (polypropylene) and the respect of the strict rules of the food sector which stand at the base of the whole productive process transforms it in a suitable container for contact with food.

MU3500 is characterized by the presence of the top bundle which gives solidity and strenght to the packaging, by the seal of inviolability at first use and by its handy tilting handle that makes the handling easier.

The MU3500, whose flush edge capacity is 3,7 Lt., includes the pressure lid (also available in the heat-sealing version).

This bucket is customizable through the application of IML labels which consent to reproduce high-resolution images.

MU3500 represents the quality container for fruit salad.

Technical sheet