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1 August 2018

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MU5700M3: container for fruit salads

1 August 2018

The right packaging for fruit salads

Fruit salads MU5700M3 container for fruit saladsare a fresh and healthy food, ideal for any moment of the day, especially during the summer period. In order to taste it in its whole freshness it is necessary to conserve it within the right packaging.

For this purpose ISI Food offers MU5700M3 as container for fruit salads, for 5 kg of fresh fruit.

MU5700M3 is suitable for food contact since it is produced in compliance with the strict regulations of the food sector, with first choice and quality material (PP).

Strength and solidity are guaranteed by the presence of the upper band on which is present the tamper-proof seal, which is important to certify the food safeguard of the product.

The plastic tilting handle makes this container easily moveable. With a brimful capacity of 5,8 lt, MU5700M3 has a practical pressure lid, which is also available for thermo-sealing.
The conical shape of ISI Food container for fruit salads favours its own stacking both empty, guaranteeing the optimization of spaces in the warehouse, and empty, for a captivating display of the product on the shelf.

MU5700M3 presents various printing possibilities: application of IML labels, adhesives labels and through silk screen printing.

Technical data sheet