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29 January 2016

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PET002 to store dried mushrooms

PET per funghi secchi
29 January 2016

PET per funghi secchi okIsi Food offers PET002 as ideal bucket to pack and store dried mushrooms. This bucket, as all of PET series, is very transparent, as the glass, and it is possible to see the content. The material used to make it, PET material, meets the strict field rules making it food approved.

PET material makes the bucket unbreakable and so it is more resistant than a glass one.
The lid with handle makes the bucket easy to be handled.

The here above characteristics and the attractive design make PET002 the ideal packaging to be put in GDO shelves and to be used every day in the kitchen!
Functional, practical and attractive: PET002 is the ideal bucket to store and pack dried mushrooms.

With PET buckets, it will be possible to find the most suitable bucket to store porcino mushrooms, chanterelles, morels and other types of dried mushrooms!