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27 March 2018

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PG Series for ice-cream sector products

27 March 2018

ISI Food containers for the ice-cream sector

In order to fulfill the needs of the ice-cream sector, ISI Food offers the PG Series, a complete range of products (from 2,4lt to 5,7lt) especially designed to pack and maintain ice-cream sector products (semifinished products, bases for ice-cream, complete blends, pastes and variegated products, sorbets and cold cremes).

Even if they present different capacities and dimentions, the four containers for ice-cream sector products of the PG Series characterize themselves by having the same dimention of the upper opening.

This allows the use of a single mould within the machine for thermosealing, that permits the decrease of working times. It is then possible to apply to the four sizes the same lid (available in pressure and thermosealing version). This allows the maximization of the codes management in the warehouse.

The presence of the upper band gives more strenght to these container, while the peculiar conical shape allows the stacking of the items both empty (optimization of spaces in the warehouse) and full.

Realized with high-quality plastic material (polypropylene), all the containers of the PG Series are produced in full compliance with the food sector regulations, resulting suitable for the contact with food products.

The printing possibility of the containers for ice-cream sector preparation, through the application of IML labels and the ease with which they can be disposed on the shelf (stackable items), make the PG Series highly captivating.

Find out the PG series containers

PG2,3 | 2,4 lt.PG3 | 3,4 lt.PG4,2 | 4,3 lt.PG5 | 5,7 lt.