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23 February 2018

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ISI Plast always more green!

23 February 2018

Technological innovation in the spirit of the environmental protection

ISI Plast always more greenISI Plast S.p.A. took hold as a leader company in Italy in the production and customization of plastic containers for the industrial, food and hospital and health field.
The process of continuous development followed by the company poses the respect for the environment as one of the key principles on which its own production philosophy is based.

That’s exactly in this view that ISI Plast has decided, through the years, to make important investments for taking a path aimed to the technological innovation and to the environmental sustainability.
The introduction of  AGV  – Automatic Guided Vehicles (first on its own field), the renovation program of the rolling stock (introduced new generation’s electic press) and the new  LED lighting system extended to all the company’s parts are concrete sings of the ISI Plast’s will to reduce its own environmental impact.

Today the company’s commitment has become even more practical. Thanks to the support of the Bacilieri enterprise of San Martino in Rio, ISI Plast in 2017 decided to install on the roof of his own buildings a  photovoltaic plant of da 348KWp. With a surface of approximately 3.000 m² the new plant will allow going towards the complete electric independence. The latest generation photovoltaic modules and the inverter SolarEdge, that allow monitoring the performance of the individual module, will allow ISI Plast producing about 450.000 KWh per year equivalent to the consumption of about 150 houses.

The important company’s investment will result then a further reduction of 238.950 Kg of CO₂ emission (equivalent to 800 planted trees) that will be added to the 738.704 Kg of CO₂ saved per year (equivalent to 2.470 planted trees) thanks to the implementations introduced in the previous years (for a total reduction yearly equal to 977.654 Kg of CO).