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6 April 2018

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Containers for cosmetics

6 April 2018

Series SO: containers for cosmetics

Series SO: containers for cosmeticsISI Plast turns to the cosmetics world by proposing a line of jars particularly indicated to contain products for care and beauty of face, body and hair: from creams to muds, from scrubs to hair products.

The containers for cosmetics of the SO Series are combined by the peculiar cilindrical shape but differ for dimentions and capacity (from 0,17lt to 1,3lt flushed edge).

Realized in high-quality plastic material (polypropylene) these jars are particularly resistent to impacts thanks to the thickness of their walls and to the structure of the packaging itself. The articles of the SO Series have a practicle pressure lid, realized in polyethylene, with tamper evident seal to the first use.

The cilindrical design gives to the packaging elegance and practicality, simplifying the handling of the jar through automatic filling machines.

ISI Plast containers for cosmetics are easily printable through the application of adhesive labels.

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