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30 April 2018

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LGH2500: container for Mozzarella cherry

30 April 2018

The right packaging solution for mozzarella

Container for Mozzarella cherry: LGH2500Thanks to its multiple characteristics, LGH2500 represents the ideal bucket for the preservation, the transport and the selling of mozzarella. With a flushed-hedge capacity of 2,52 lt. is the perfect solution to contain 1kg of mozzarella cherry.

This container for mozzarella, is made by first choice plastic material (PP) that guarantees its maximum quality, fully sutisfies all the strict laws of the food sector. The upper band givest strength to the bucket, while the warranty seal underlines its safety.

Practical, manageable and resistent to dynamic solicitations, LGH2500 is characterized by the presence of the pressure lid, of a highly performing plastic handle (double version: tilting and stable through detachable hanging points) and of two side guides that prevent the buckets to move during authomatized filling operations.

The conical shape, other than giving to the bucket a linear design, allows its correct stacking both empty (optimization of warehouse spaces), and full (for an efficient shelf exposition).

The choice of using this kind of packaging for mozzarella and other products of the dairy sector (available also in transparent) is made even more captivating by the possibility of printing through IML technology.

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