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3 May 2018

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MU25000M3/UN: the container for chlorine

3 May 2018

The container for powder, granular and tablet chlorine

The container for powder, granular and tablet chlorineChlorine is the chemical element fundamentally important for the maintainance of swimmingpool water. With the approaching of the summer season the correct preservation of chlorine within the right packaging is essential. In order to sutisfy this sectors needs, ISI Plast offers MU25000M3/UN.

With a flush-hedge capacity of 26,2 lt., the plastic bucket MU25000M3/UN obtained the full compliance with the transport of solid dangerous goods.

Thanks to its highest choice plastic material (polypropylene), this bucket for chlorine is able to guarantee quality and practicality.

The upper band gives strength to the bucket, while the presence of the plastic tilting handle guarantees its easy handling.

Essential lines and conical design characterize MU25000M3/UN, which is easily printable through IML labelling or by applying the classic adhesive labels.

MU25000M3/UN also presents the warranty seal and the practical pressure lid.

These characteristics make MU25000M3/UN the ideal solution for the storage and the preservation of chlorine in its various forms: powder, granular and tablets.

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