1 October 2018

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The containers for natural bowels

1 October 2018

The containers for natural bowels

ISI FThe containers for natural bowelsood always place a lot of attention in sutisfying the market needs. With this aim the company offers a wide range of containers that turn out to be the ideal solutions for the correct conservation of natural bowel for cured meats.

Natural bowels are obtained from the processing of the small intestine of the bovine, equine, ovine, caprine and pork species and are destined to food purposes to carry out the essential function of wrapping for raw or baked cured meats.

It then becomes fundamentally important the choice of the container within which the natural bowles will be preserved.

From small (MU3000 – 3,3 lt, MU5700 – 5,8 lt) to big sizes (MU11000 – 11,1 lt, MU25000 – 26,2 lt) ISI Food is able to offer solutions that live up to the required quality needs. These containers for natural bowels are made of plastic material (PP) which is in compliance with the severe in force regulations of the food sector.

Other than the particular conical shape, which has been studied to allow the correct stacking of the containers both empty and full, these buckets are characterized by the presence of the upper band on which is placed the tamper evident seal. The practical handle makes them easily moveable.

ISI Food containers for natural bowels are furthermore printable through the application of IML Labels that allow the reproduction of high quality resolution graphics.


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