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5 July 2018

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The containers for the storage and packaging of honey

5 July 2018

Storage and packaging of honey

Storage and packaging of honeyThe awareness of the importance fulfilled by the correct storage of honey during the industrial process, before arriving to the packaging destined to the final user, has brought ISI Food to propose a wide range of containers (from 5 kg to 25 kg of honey), ideal for this sector.
To fulfill the conservation and storage needs of honey ISI Food offers the following sizes:

– MU3500 (for 5kg of product)
– MU8000M3 (for 10 kg of product)
– MU18600 (for 25 kg of product)

These buckets are realised with first choice plastic material (PP) in full compliance with the food sector regulations, resulting suitable for food contact. 
different for dimention and capacity these ISI Food containers for the storage and packaging of honey have several elements in common: from the presence of the tilting handle (in plastic or metal) to the tamper evident seal to the first opening on the upper band; from the characteristic conical design that allows the perfect stacking of the containers both empty and full, to the possibility to choose between the pressure lid and the one for thermosealing (this one currently available only for MU3500 and MU8000).

Printable through the application of IML labels, that allow the reproduction of high resolution graphics, these containers represent the ideal packaging for the storage of honey.