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Cod. A20

Insect Capture Cap

The insect catcher cap is a practical and eco-friendly solutionfor protecting plants, orchards, vineyards, olive groves and any other type of crop from the aggression of small insects.
Ideal for use in a variety of environments: from the terrace at home to private courtyards, and even for targeted use in animal husbandry such as stables, chicken coops, barns, etc.

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    • Description

      The ISI Trap insect capture cap is an innovative food-grade chromoprotic biological trap that attracts and captures insects by exploiting the senses of sight and smell.
      ISI Trap’s yellow plastic plugs are among the most important tools in the fight and control of all types of harmful flying insects that damage crops and gardens.

      The insect trap cap is the ideal tool for making practical do-it-yourself insect traps.
      Depending on the natural attractant used, the ISI Trap insect catcher caps will turn into effective traps to counteract the spread of wasps, flies, small fruit flies and many more.

      The bright yellow colour of the caps attracts insects close to the trap, after which the smell of the bait will lead them inside the bottle.

      The pack contains 9 insect catcher caps.

    • Recommendations for use

      • Take any plastic bottle (1.5 L) with a screw neck.
      • Fill the bottle with 1/3 water and add the desired natural attractant.
      • Close the bottle with the insect catcher cap (equipped with micro-fins that allow it to screw into the neck of the bottle).
      • Use the practical hook to hang the DIY trap in the area of interest.
    • Correct positioning

      In the defence of fruit plants, DIY traps should be placedone per plant at a height of between 1.5and2 m above the ground.
      The effectiveness of the trap varies depending on the natural attractant used.
      In the event of poor insect capture, it is advisable to change the positioning of the trap until a more suitable location is found.

    • Material needed

      Equip yourself with:

      • 1 1.5 L plastic bottle with screw cap.
      • Water.
      • Natural attractant.
      • ISI Trap Insect Capture cap.

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