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Cod. MU11800

Fly and Blowfly Trap – 11,8 l

ISI Trap fly trap is the modern, environmentally friendly remedy against flies. With this practical system, flies are effectively eliminated without any side effects on the environment.


  • Capacity
    lt. 11.8

Technical specifications


5/6 Weeks


lt. 11,8

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    • Description

      ISI Trap fly and blowfly trap is made with special one-way cones that do not allow flies, attracted to the bait, to leave the container. At the same time, the trap cones allow optimal aeration of the attractant.

      ISI Trap fly traps are available in two different sizes(4.77 L or 11.8 L).
      The customisation of the container by means of two different graphics makes the fly trap pleasing to the eye, allowing it to be used in any open location.
      The handle of the container guarantees perfect handling of the trap.

    • Recommendations for use

      • Fill the trap with water (1.5 L for the small format, 3 L for the large format) and then pour in the fly attractant (1 bag for the small format, 2 bags for the large format).
      • Mix everything and close the container with the transparent cap (designed to allow practical monitoring of the situation inside the trap).
      • Wait 2 days for the solution to become active.
      • The trap should be placed in light areas, where it can be exposed to the sun for three to four hours a day, at an ideal heightof about 1.5 m above the ground.
      • The natural solution inside the container releases an odour perceived by flies and blowflies, which are attracted inside the trap with no way out.
      • After 4/6 weeks, empty the contents and repeat the operation from the beginning.

      With the heat of the summer months, the water level recommended for the proper functioning of the ISI Trap flytrap may decrease. We recommend topping up evaporated water to maintain effectiveness. The side cones can be used for this operation.

    • Environments of use

      ISI Trap fly and blowfly trapis ideal for catching these insects in open spacessuch as public and private gardens, campsites, farms, stables, plantations and crops.