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Cod. A7

Fly Glue Roll

The ISI Trap fly glue roll is an efficient and environmentally friendlyremedy for catching flies and blowflies without the use of insecticides.


  • Dimensions
    10000 x 30 mm
  • Height
    30 mm

Technical specifications

Dimensions 10000 × 30 × 30 mm

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    • Description

      The ISI Trap adhesive roll is a practical product consisting of a roll of adhesive paper made from a special reflective material, on which reproductions of flies and ow and red stripes are printed.

      These details increase the attractiveness of the ISI Trap fly glue roll.

      Dimensions: 10 m x 30 cm

    • Recommendations for use

      • Hang the fly glue roll using the hook provided. If you decide to hang it vertically, the adhesive partshould face the light, if you decide to hang it horizontally (against the ceiling) the adhesive part should face downwards.
      • Unroll the fly-catching adhesive roll for about 40/50 cm.
      • Form a fold at the end (if left free) or attach it to another support.
      • As soon as the sticky part is covered with insects (flies, blowflies, etc.), it has to be cut off (with a box cutter) and unwound for a further 40/50 cm.
    • Environments of use

      The adhesive fly-catcher roll is the ideal solution for massive elimination of these insects and can be used in all types of farms.