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ISI Plast sponsors of inclusive sports project for disabled people at Unione Sportiva Rubierese Calcio

The new team of Unione Sportiva Rubierese Calcio continues its project by creating a sports space for boys and girls with disabilities.

On Tuesday evening, October 18, the first meeting was held where 15 boys gathered to play soccer together and start learning the first rules of the playing field under the guidance of Enrico Baroni as a real team.
All this was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the company ISI Plast S.p.A. and the Melli family.

Says company CEO Gianluca Melli: “Sports is integration, it’s fun and it’s a way to create new friendships. Every kid has an inner world that should not be isolated but integrated. The evening was really special, I saw emotions, participation and many smiles, thanks to the fantastic work of so many volunteers who dedicate part of their time to these kids.

The sense of belonging to a group, the language on the field is that of emotions, of the gestures of each and every boy who got involved. Every smile we could see on the boys’ faces is a revenge on prejudice. There is no judgment when the heart is working.”

ISI Plast has decided to sponsor this project for 2 years, to support social sports and incentivize their excellence that stems from the need to support kids and families who have fragility. Especially in recent years when relational dynamics have become even more complex. A project that uses sport and its values as a tool for social inclusion in synergy with the territory.

ISI Plast, a leading plastics and packaging company, confirms with this project the important and constant commitment aimed at social sustainability and actively supports the surrounding realities, once again emphasizing the choice to continue with charitable initiatives that the company has always maintained for years.

At the end of the evening, the question from all the kids was, “When is the next date?” And it is already team.