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25 October 2023

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ISI Plast introduces defibrillator in factory

25 October 2023

Among the most important safety devices to be kept in the company is the defibrillator, the fundamental tool for preventing cardiac risks. Having one in your company is essential to protect the people who work and enter the company.

To date, ISI Plast has decided to introduce the defibrillator in its production departments to safeguard the health of its workers.

The defibrillator is in fact a life-saving tool: timely intervention can greatly increase the chances of survival in emergency situations.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to take the correct preventive measures to avoid aggravation of existing cardiovascular diseases or the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest.

For ISI Plast, the safety of all employees always comes first; the presence of a defibrillator in the company protects the lives of everyone inside and contributes to a safe workplace.