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14 December 2023

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ISI Plast leading plastics company relies on young people

14 December 2023

On Thursday 7 December, a group of students from the Allegri secondary school in San Martino in Rio visited the ISI Plast headquarters.

The meeting, which took place in the context of the INDUSTRIAMOCI 2023 event in collaboration with Confindustria, was met with great enthusiasm by both the young people involved and the company team, and gave the students a concrete tour of the company’s production plant and in-house research laboratory.

This made it possible to convey the dynamism and importance that the plastic rubber sector and the moulding sector in particular have in our area, both in terms of ISI Plast‘s cutting-edge technology and, above all, real future employment.

In the new ISI Academy the company division that deals with Coaching and professional training, the CEO of ISI Plast Gianluca Melli highlighted to the students the importance of having a new vision, of environmental sustainability to significantly reduce pollution and environmental impact, starting with small gestures to change one’s habits.

During the dialogue, the topic of the correct use of plastic products was also addressed with regard to both environmental impact and correct disposal.

Plastic, if handled correctly, is in fact one of the most Green materials of all, it can be recycled and subsequently reused many times over, as also demonstrated by the numerous initiatives organised by ISI Plast over the years.