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9 October 2023

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Packaging for Gardening and Outdoors

9 October 2023

One of the latest trends in the Gardening & Outdoor is the development of hanging gardens, not in direct contact with the ground. They are easy to recreate and allow space to be optimised even in the winter months when outdoor cultivation is more complicated.

ISI Plast containers are perfect for this use.

The wide range of high-quality products varies from smaller sizes to larger volumes to suit your needs. The plastic material from which they are made is weather-resistant, can be in contact with the soil to grow plants because it does not alter the properties of the soil itself, and is resistant to water, which will gradually be absorbed by the plants. They can be made from recycled materials Plastica Seconda Vita, plastic materials from which new containers can be made to avoid waste with total respect for the environment.

ISI Plast buckets can be easily placed at will thanks to the handle with which they are equipped, to form the most suitable Green corner for the space available, becoming a furnishing element not only for outdoor gardens but also for balconies and terraces when space is at a premium.