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29 March 2021

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ISI Plast: Quality Recycling

29 March 2021

Acknowledgement for innovation and solid experience

ISI Plast, Italian company founded in 1958 and producer of plastic containers, has been acting in a sustainable way for years.

The use of recycle materials is one of the main focus of the leading company in the packaging sector.

ISI Plast has chosen, several years ago, to be Eco-friendly, using materials composed by recycled polymers, following the new Europe-wide Green line of an always higher sustainability of materials, to reset by 2050 all the polluting emissions, as set by the shared goals.

With many years of experience and thanks to these principles, the company has obtained the environmental certification “Plastica seconda vita”, the first Italian and European brand dedicated to recycled plastic, a system of environmental certification of the product, dedicated to materials and packagings obtained from the appreciation of plastic waste.

The use of recycled plastic materials offers various advantages and places itself at the center of the innovative vision that the company has towards a production system that pays always more attention to the respect for the environment we live in.

All the investments carried out by the company in the past years are a testimony of the care towards environmental themes, as the installation of solar panels to self-produce Green energy and reduce consumption.

ISI Plast products, characterized by this certification, find application in various sectors, packaging for food, sanitary and hospital sector, waste sorting and collection, industrial use; these are just some of the examples of the use of recycled material.

The company has always committed itself to the research of new materials and technologies for an always wider proposal of packaging of high quality with a lower environmental impact.

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