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19 November 2020

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ISI Plast – ISI-KitchenLab: with the right ingredients we create the future of Packaging

19 November 2020

ISI Plast hosts the new research laboratory ISI-KitchenLab, a space dedicated to research and technological development in the field of the most suitable materials for Packaging.
The vision of a space named ISI-KitchenLab centralises the whole ISI Plast Group research.

The company offers an exclusive programme on innovative technologies oriented to multiple sectors.
From construction industry to healthcare, from the industrial to the civil use, from the food to the Green use… inclusive, eco-friendly, recyclable.

Established in early 2020, it already represents a referent point for the whole group of research, development, quality control which is translated into a constant technological improvement of products, in line with the company principles.

The new laboratory is equipped by the most innovative instruments supporting the production processes, it has been considerably enlarged the machinery range with which various control tests, new materials research and consequent development of finished products are carried out.

Like a real Kitchen, the aim is to prepare the best, the excellence to offer to a constant growing clientele.

We are sure that our aim is to always be state-of-the-art, making technology and materials sustainability synergistically coexist, in order to fully range in an ecosystem perfectly balanced with the use of Packaging and the surrounding environment.

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