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5 October 2020

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5 October 2020

Millions, in fact billions of waste in the sea.

It is immeasurable the number of face masks that will circulate in the world from today til the end of the year, damaging fishes, mammals and the entire marine fauna. The Covid-19 emergency has provoked an exponential increase of the production and consumption of surgical masks, which up to today are the most common mean to protect yourself from Coronavirus.

Simultaneously to the virus emergency, the problem of the disposal of such waste is becoming bigger day by day, masks are not a recyclable product, at least for now.

The viral load of the used masks imposes a correct disposal, ISI Plast offers on the market the CONES line and launches the message HELP THE OCEAN, with the aim to safeguard the marine environment and the waters from this devastating problem.×682.jpg

With the CONES packaging lines, especially designed for the disposal of non recyclable, potentially viral and hospital waste, which are causing a considerable damage – above all to our sees, ISI Plast stands on the front line to fight the abandonment of waste in nature.

The plastic containers are designed to best respond to the needs and requirements of this sector; made of recycled plastic material with the recovery of materials coming from waste sorting and recycling of post-consumer polymers, allowing in this way the re-use, recycling and recovery of raw material. They have been designed for special and dangerous waste and can be disposed of through incineration, with maximum safety.


CONES Packaging