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2 May 2023

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SMOC-CHINO® for the Rubierese Calcio club

2 May 2023

According to a recent study, 2 out of 3 cigarette butts in Italy are still thrown on the ground.

A single butt can contaminate up to a thousand litres of water and greatly reduce plant growth in the contaminated area. Despite growing environmental awareness there is still much to be done.

A couple of years ago, ISI Plast launched the Green Project Smoc-chino®, the pocket ashtray made of recycled plastic material, with which it has made a concrete commitment to organise ecological days aimed at increasing the awareness of all citizens involved.

To continue in this Green line, the leading plastics company decided to donate to the US Rubierese Calcio, Smoc-chini customised with the team logo.

The project also aims to bring the world of sport, in this case football, closer to greater environmental awareness.

Rubierese calcio supporters will be able to use the Smoc-chino® ashtray customised with their team’s logo to combat urban decay, thus contributing to respect for the environment and avoiding the scattering of cigarette butts on the ground, another small step towards protecting the town’s decorum.