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16 May 2023

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MU43000 the dog kibble bucket

16 May 2023

Specific containers for dogs kibble are the optimal solution for storing dry food for long periods. In these days, Zoomark International 2023, Europe‘s most important trade fair for pet products, is taking place in Bologna.

At the same time as the trade fair, ISI Plast brings to the market the MU43000 packaging, the food-grade plastic bucket with a capacity of 44 litres.

ISI Plast always pays more attention to the pet food sector, always proposing new, cutting-edge solutions. In particular, article MU43000 is designed to hold kibble for dogs, but also cats and other pets.

This packaging with its practical truncated pyramid shape is suitable for a variety of areas, from the private to the public sector, in particular the livestock sector.

Dry food needs to be stored in the best possible way, and the material from which the MU43000 is made ensures that you offer your four-legged friend fresh, healthy food with the same characteristics as when it was opened.