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24 June 2020

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Bottles for orange juice

24 June 2020

Healthy, rich with vitamins, fresh and now also do-it-yourself, the orange juice, that lately in Italy can be directly prepared by the customer in supermarkets, for a fast take-away, where everyone can pack their own fresh orange juice, thanks to the self-service machines destined to this use.

It is one of the novelties, both at national and international level, of the food sector in the Large Distribution, that in this time of need shows itself ready and cutting edge to offer to the customer fast and safe means to satisfy the end user, guaranteeing an easy take-away of orange juices.

These machines have a huge success and more and more often are to be found in our supermarkets, but to guarantee a fast and safe packaging and transportation of the orange juice they need the right containers.

ISI Plast, to fully answer to the need of the suitable packaging for orange juices, presents its line of plastic bottles and offers on the market three different sizes:

  • BOT 370
  • BOT 372
  • BOT 373

ISI Plast plastic bottles for orange juices are different for capacity and size, ideal for food contact because made with guaranteed materials as PP or PET, with safety, hygiene, resistance and functionality characteristics, all provided with a screw cap that allows their correct closure, guaranteeing a right transportation during deliveries to the final customer.

The plastic bottles are available in different types, that differ for dimension and colour.

BOT370 | 1 LT.BOT372 | 0,5 LT.BOT373 | 0,33 LT.