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4 June 2020

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Containers for sliced pineapple

4 June 2020

More and more present within the most furnished supermarkets are the “slice and clean” machines for self-service Pineapple, that allow, with easy and fast steps, to obtain in a fast and safe way Pineapple slices ready to eat within the suitable plastic jar, for a fresh and light snack or just to finish a meal.

ISI Plast item MU 1004 is the best solution to answer to this need, manufactured in the full respect of the food sector regulations. The tamper evident seal lid and the thickness of its walls give to the packaging the right means to preserve the Pineapple slices.

The plastic container MU 1004 is made with polypropylene (PP) food contact approved and certified by technical data sheets, ideal to answer to the different needs of the food market.

In case the fruit won’t be immediately eaten, it is possible to freeze it in the freezer, the item MU 1004 is perfect to preserve food even at low temperatures, to prepare later smithies, sorbets and cold drinks.