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11 May 2020

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Pomegranate: Healthy Food

11 May 2020

The request for pomegranate is constantly raising, the absolute healthier fruit, but its consume is still reduced in comparison to its potential, given the difficulties that one can encounter peeling it and eating it, mainly outside the house.

To satisfy this need ISI Plast offers it line of plastic bottles that allow the right containment of the pomegranate juice, facilitating the take-away in any situation.

Thanks to the materials they are made of, they allow the correct preservation of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, since it is source of vitamin C and vitamin E. These are the unique characteristics that make this the healthier juice on the market, the most appreciated and wanted in the last years.

The pomegranate juice is ideal for the consumption during a work day, in your free time on at the gym as an energy source and thanks to ISI Plast packaging, optimal for deliveries, can be easily carried with you during the day, perfect for a fast take-away.

ISI Plast plastic bottles line includes in fact different sizes and capacities, studied to satisfy any need: from BOT370 of 1lt, to BOT372 of 0,5lt until the smallest of 0,33lt (BOT 373).

ISI Plast with its bottle line facilitates deliveries to any activity of the food sector, allowing the consume of pomegranate juice that helps the outer beauty and the inner health of our body.

BOT370 | 1 LT.BOT372 | 0,5 LT.BOT373 | 0,33 LT.