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6 April 2020

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Containers for Coronavirus swabs

6 April 2020

ISI Plast italian and International leading company.
In this arduos and difficult time, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, presents the range of products for Coronavirus swabs.

ISI Plast underlines the importance of the item MU 1500, valued as most suitable to contain and transport the Coronavirus swabs that are collected to be analysed.

We enclose pictures in order to make clear and immediate its easy use.

All of our products are produced with selected raw materials in compliance with food contact or are manufactured with Post-Consumer materials in full respect of recycling, recycled materials, etc.. etc..

All perfectly in compliance with regulations and suitable to contain waste caused by CORONAVIRUS, like swabs, masks, gloves, white coats and all that must be immediately isolated and disposed of, in respect of applicable regulation.