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28 November 2019

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Buckets for concentrated citrus-based juices

Buckets for concentrated citrus-based juices
28 November 2019

The best solutions for concentrated juices

ISI Food solutions designed on purpose for the packaging of concentrated citrus-based juices are several. Lemons, red oranges and mandarins, the concentrated juices of these fruits are destined to the major worldwide producers and distributors of drinks and therefore they need the best packaging for their preservation.

To fully satisfy this market requests, ISI Food offers three different solutions that differ in size and capacity:

  • MU6400M2 (for aprox 5 kg of concentrated juice)
  • MU12000M3 (for aprox 10 kg of concentrated juice)
  • MU22000 (for aprox 20 kg of concentrated juice)

All buckets for concentrated citrus-based juices are made with first choice plastic materials (PP) and they are all suitable for contact with food. They all have a tamper evident seal on the wide upper band of the bucket to grant the inviolability of the product inside till the first opening.

These buckets are safe, sturdy and easy to handle. They are equipped with functional pivot-handles and classic standard lids with pressure closures (for MU6400M2 and MU12000M3 the heat sealing version is also available).

The truncated-cone shape that features all the three different sizes has been designed to ensure an easy stacking of the items, both empty and filled, (meaning both optimization of warehouse space and during transport).

Buckets for concentrated citrus-based juices have the chance to be customized with IML (In-Mold Labeling technique).

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for concentrated citrus-based juices

MU6400M2 | 6,5 LT.MU12000M3 | 13,3 LT.MU22000 | 22,5 LT.