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22 November 2019

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Glues and adhesives: here we are with the right packaging

Preview Glues and adhesives: here we are with the right packaging
22 November 2019

The best packaging solutions for adhesives

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, ISI Plast is able to provide customers with a wide range of solutions for the correct packaging of glues and adhesives according to the most different professional uses (industrial technical bonding, furniture industry, paper and footwear industries).

Among the containers that meet at best these sectors market requests, we certainly find MU9000M3 (approx. 9 kg of content) and MU26900 (approx. 25 kg of content). Thanks to their specific features, they are the ideal solutions for containing industrial bonding materials.

Both buckets are made with first choice quality raw plastic materials (PP) and thanks to their structure, they are resistant to dynamic stresses and able to ensure an optimal integrity of the products stored inside. Furthermore, the presence of a wide upper band gives stronger resistance to the whole packaging.

Sturdy and also very easy to handle: MU9000M3 and MU26900 are equipped with special pivoting handle (available in the plastic version for MU9000M3 and in the metal version with plastic knob for MU26900).

ISI Plast buckets for glues and adhesives are equipped with pressure lids and with tamper evident seals placed on the upper band of the buckets to grant the inviolability of the product till the first opening.

Both buckets have the chance to be customized with IML (IN-MOLD LABELLING), the best solution for the companies in the sector, that are looking for a reliable and quality packaging for their bonding products.

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MU9000M3 | 9,2 LT.MU26900 | 26,7 lt.