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10 October 2019

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Buckets for pickled olives

10 October 2019

The right packaging for the correct conservation of olives

To fully meet the needs of this sector (handling, safety, compliance with regulations), ISI Food offers different solutions for the correct packaging and storage of olives on the market. Not only functionality and quality: these buckets for pickled olives aim at enhancing the content itself.

Based on customers packaging needs, ISI Food studied different storage solutions to preserve the integrity of this precious fruit. Particular attention has been paid to two kinds of packaging, which have different capacity and they are different in the handle, one is pivoting and the other one is not. They have the same top quality.

MU900 (for half kg of olives) and MU8000M3 (for 5 kg of content) are suitable for food contact as they are made with first choice (PP) material, in full compliance with the rules governing the food sector.

Both ISI Food branded buckets for olives are characterized by the presence of the tamper evident seal placed on the upper band of the bucket. Strong and safe, but also functional. To fully meet the different market requests, both containers have the chance to be  combined with the classic pressure lid or with the version for heat-sealing.

The optimization of the warehouse spaces and the right display of the product on the shelves are guaranteed by the pyramid shape design of the buckets This shape allows the correct stacking of the buckets both full and empty.

MU900 and MU8000M3 have the chance to be customized with IML technology, adhesive labels or silk screen printing. They are the best solution in terms of packaging to the pickled olives.

Discover buckets for pickled olives

MU900 | 0,95 LT.MU8000M3 | 8,3 LT.