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1 October 2019

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Buckets for seeds: series QUAD

1 October 2019

The right packaging for the right storage of seeds

The choice of the best time for sowing depends on several factors: the type of seeds or mix of seeds, the climate and the exposure of the land. Regardless of the variety of seeds used for the construction of lawns (ornamental, technical and agricultural) or vegetable gardens (professional and hobby) the choice of the right container plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the correct conservation of the seeds themselves.

As a matter of fact, it is necessary to keep the seeds in cool and dry places, away from atmospheric humidity, inside suitable packaging. The QUAD series buckets, thanks to their quality and easy to handle properties, are well suited for the storage of seeds.

QUAD3.5 (3.9lt flush-edge capacity) and QUAD5,5 (5.9lt flush-edge capacity) are both entirely made of first choice material (PP), which gives the packaging strength and quality.

The presence of the tamper evident seal placed on the upper band of the packaging, guarantees the safety, while the band handle facilitates the handling.

Both sizes are equipped with a practical pressure closure lid available also in the heat-sealing version.

Square base and the pyramid shape design: this specific shape has been studied to allow a correct stacking of the seed containers; both when the buckets are filled (for an attractive display on the shelf) or empty (to allow the optimization of the spaces inside the warehouse).

Strong and easy-to-handle: ISI Plast branded seed buckets have also the chance to be customized by means of IML technology.

Discover the buckets for seeds

QUAD3,5 | 3,9 LT.QUAD5,5 | 5,9 LT.