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5 July 2017

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Containers for yogurt

5 July 2017

Containers for fresh yogurtISI Food realised a line for containers for yogurt ideal to sutisfy the packaging needs of manufacturers, who are looking for a modern and functional packaging.
Therefore the value of yogurt can be enhanced through the use of ISI Food small containers (from 125g to 1kg of product).

Among the ideal solutions of this sector, ISI Food offers MU150 (for 125g of product), MU500 (for 500g of product) and MU1200 (for 1kg of product).

Many elements combine ISI Food containers for yogurt: the high quality of the packaging, guaranteed by the structure and the material (PP) that has been used to create them, and the troncoconical design, studied to guarantee an efficient exposure on the shelf and an optimisation of spaces in the warehouse (since they are perfectly stackable).

These container for yogurt are suitable for the contact with food, since they have been produced respecting the severe rules of the food sector.

Moreover, MU150, MU500 and MU1200 are equipped with a practical inviolability seal to the first use, placed on the upper band of the packaging and with a pressure lid (available also in the version for heat-sealing for MU500 and MU1200). They are all customizable thanks to the application of adhesive and IML lable or through silk screen printing.

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